Links for 2007-01-18
Gone, not injured

Acutely aware

On the drive home from work tonight:

One, it was strange to be driving on mostly dry roads. Even though we haven’t had continuous snow and rain for the last several weeks, what snow lingered (and the “don’t like the weather, check in five minutes” style of this winter’s storms) left the roads wet all the time.

Two, the sound of my coat sleeve rustling against the seat-belt strap was really loud in my left ear. I’ve worn this coat dozens of times, never noticed the sound before.

Three, the rush of air past the edges of the windshield at freeway speed. Sounded like we were in a wind tunnel. No stereo nor conversation to cover it up, I guess.

Four, my car’s brake shimmy has worsened a bit. I need to have that checked because it annoys the hell out of me, even though (the service folk say) it isn’t wearing the brakes unevenly.

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Happy weekend. :-)