It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and I speak for most people I know when I say:
Still life with scratch pad

Soup! Er... Tuesday?

Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley 2006 RieslingMassive voting day here in the USA, 24 states have primary elections today. I am thus avoiding the cable news channels like the plague, an approach made easier because I have my friend Matt to provide me updates via IM.

I also opened a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling, their 2006 vintage. Easily drinkable with slight sweetness and many lovely fruity notes. It’s from a local winery and sells at a delightfully low price, usually $7 or under per bottle—this was the wine we sipped in late November and all of December as we prepared the various holiday meals.

Tonight I am preparing leftovers, because when I got home from some errands today (after lunch with Katharine, and let me tell you, driving across the 520 bridge in a howling windstorm is quite an enjoyable adventure), I meant to thaw a couple of chicken breasts for grilling, but I forgot to do that. So it was either pasta leftovers from late last week, or a PB&J, and I’m out of peanut butter. Which is stupid, it was on my shopping list and I was at the grocery today. But my grocery list was on my refrigerator, silently mocking me across the empty miles.

Anyway. Washington state has its caucuses (for Democrats) on Saturday, and then primaries on Feb 19. We do both caucuses and primaries and then perform some sort of voodoo to determine which method’s results will make a damned bit of difference, but we voters aren’t apprised of that bit of info, so who knows. (Actually, see.)

The winds from today’s storms have abated somewhat tonight, and since I am so carefully avoiding news coverage of the ongoing election insanity, I think I’ll have another glass of wine while I do a few things around the house. Nothing makes cleaning easier, after all, than a bit of liquid courage.