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A tale of three men

Gerald Raymond “Jerry” Nunn

My father died last week. Not entirely unexpectedly—he had some recent serious health problems—but it was still a shock to get the call the morning of August 8 that he had died the day before.

This is the story of three different men, all of them my father, each living a distinctly different part of one life.

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Happy The Big Four-Oh, Julie Anne :-)

Forty years ago today at 09:23 MDT, Julie Anne joined the world with a yowl, and the world blinked at the sudden arrival of this brightest of lights in its midst.

Forty years on, the light’s brighter still.

Happy 40th birthday, Jewells!

Look, even the kitchen calendar is getting in on the act.

Happy 40th, Jewells :-)

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Help me build houses on Moloka‘i in July 2010

UPDATE: I hit my fund-raising goals in early June—thank you to everyone who donated! You can still make donations through my participant page linked below, but the full amount of your donation will go to the Moloka‘i Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

I’m participating in a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip to Moloka‘i, Hawaii, in July 2010. I’ll be part of a team of 16 working to build affordable housing for Hawai‘ian natives who support the tourist and other industries of Hawai‘i but cannot themselves afford to live in the communities where they work.

Our trip cost is $1,500 per person, which includes local transportation and the cultural and teamwork experiences of the trip. You can donate to support this effort by visiting my participant page and clicking one of the links in the You Can Help! box.

Not quite the view we’ll have, but close

Fireworks explode from the Space Needle in 2009. (Photo by Jim Bates, The Seattle Times)

Friends and family joining me shortly for dinner and hanging out. At midnight we’ll crowd out onto my balcony to toast the new year and watch the Space Needle fireworks display from 6 blocks away.

It’s like living a postcard each year. :-)

Happy new year!

Photo by Jim Bates / Seattle Times, via article Space Needle’s fireworks to welcome new year

Thirty-six hundred and change

It occurred to me a couple of days ago how much my life has changed in the last ten years, so I started pondering it a little more deeply.

In the last ten years, I have

  • lived in five cities across three states
  • held three jobs, each in a wildly different industry from the previous
  • moved seven times
  • bought two new cars
  • had three wireless phone numbers on two different carriers
  • experienced great financial freedom and worrying financial instability
  • had four main email addresses
  • fallen out of contact with both of my parents

Not remotely comprehensive analysis of the decade, but certainly some of the high (and low) points.

Here, then, some details to illustrate life’s unforeseen adventures.

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Happy “Someday”, Katharine :-D

So today’s The Big Day.

Happy 40th birthday! :-D

Julie Anne and I sneaked into your office last night and did some decoratin’, complete to photographic proof.

First the whiteboard:

Katharine’s 40th birthday: Office whiteboard

We had to range far and wide to find the right combo of dry-erase markers for the faux confetti effect. ;-)

And then the desktop:

Katharine’s 40th birthday: Office desktop

So here’s to the Big Four-Oh, and to many more.

I love you :-D

Everyone else: Go wish Katharine a happy birthday at all of her sites....