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Got home today, retrieved the mail. Found this vaguely alarming-looking item: I am a Consumer Reports subscriber, but online only. I prefer to keep the paper out of my house, and it’s easier to search for ratings and product info online than by rooting through old magazines. One of those rip-off-the-edges types of things. So rip off I did, and I found this: It doesn’t say what the benefits on my account are, so I... Read more

Blue for colon?

Saw this just now in my Twitter stream: Remember, tomorrow is national wear blue day for colon cancer awareness. http://bit.ly/aVVzA2 /via @Swedish And I thought, blue. For colon cancer, really, BLUE? At least with breast cancer there’s a (possibly tenuous, and definitely 12-year-old-humour) link with its color. Pink = areola, so obvious. But blue? For colon-cancer awareness? Though we all know why they couldn’t choose the most obvious color, brown: Everyone would spend the day... Read more