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Adventures in OS installation

I'm in the middle of installing OS 9.2 and OS X 10.2 on my iBook. This became necessary after OS X 10.2.8 rendered my iBook nearly dead. To wit:

  • Battery life went from a respectable 3 to 3.5 hours under normal use to barely one hour in many circumstances.

  • My AirPort range went from "anywhere in my apartment" (my furthest wall from the base station is about 75 feet no more than 50 feet straight-line, and I had full signal strength at that distance) to "about 12 feet, assuming continuous line-of-sight." Not good.

So I'm wiping it clean and reinstalling the two base OSes, and then going through the updates to the pre-10.2.8 versions of each. The 9.x OS isn't quite so important, since I never boot into it, but I do have a couple of Classic apps still and I need access to them on my laptop now and then.

Ah, the joys of computing!