If I were smart
Foolish me

Cold Update: Hour 28 and change

So anyway. I meant to make that last entry an update but submitted before I remembered.

Still light congestion and mild runny nose, nothing worse than that. I think this may just be over with by tomorrow night, knock on wood.

Speaking of wood, while I was in my kitchen earlier tonight getting a glass for water, I closed the cabinet door with my usual amount of force—that is, not too hard, because if slammed the doors tend to bounce right open again—and I popped the cabinet door right off its hinges.

Both hinges popped clean off the cabinet facing. I bobbled my glass, a tumbler with the Squatters logo etched into it, because I didn't want to break it, but somehow I managed to catch the door without injuring myself.

Got out the toolbox and had the door up again in no time. The screws didn't strip their holes when they came out. I can't figure out what the deal was, but all better now.

Okay then. That was off-topic, maybe bedtime's closer than I know...?