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"I'd like a plain bagel, toasted, with some political extremism"

I forgot about the deli just down the road in this same business park. Been there many times for lunch, but never think about it for breakfast even though I have had bagels there before.

Ed Meese was on NBC's Today show while I was there, which is strange because he was also on Today while I was at home getting ready for work. And I wondered, were they repeating a segment, or was I in a time warp, or what? He was talking about the Patriot Act, how it's a fine upstanding law and won't be abused and is absolutely necessary to maintaining our security and the American Way of Life, and how anyone who wants to repeal all or part of this fine law is obviously a left-wing nut bent on the downfall of America, starting with putting pornography into the hands of 6-year-olds.

Ed Meese is a world-class fucking idiot.