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Instant quiet

More refrigerator hockey, and a midnight move-out

The kids upstairs are bouncing off the walls, floor, ceiling, etc., again. Hard enough that I keep worrying about the glass cover of my dining-room light, which is shaking alarmingly with each thud from above. I'll be heading upstairs shortly to ask them to keep it down a bit.

The last time I did that, I heard not a peep out of anyone upstairs for nearly three weeks.

And the family that lived across the corridor from me moved out overnight sometime during the weekend. They were Indian or Pakistani, the two parents with three children and several other adults who, if not living there, spent a lot of time there anyway. I was gone most of Saturday and didn't hear the kids outside Sunday, but I have no idea which night they actually left.

When I got home from work Monday, the door to that apartment was open and the sound of a Shop Vac blared out. The living room was empty and the cleaning crew was just finishing up. A couple hours later I went outside to take some recyclables to the bins and saw the door was closed, cleaning crew finished. When I went outside one last time to take a bag of trash around 22:00, I saw there was a folded paper stuck behind my apartment-number plate. I grabbed it on my way back in.

It was a note from the apartment management informing the residents of building 21 that one of the residents had left over the weekend, breaking the lease, and that if any of us knew anything about the departed residents' whereabouts, please contact the office. The office phone number was at the bottom of that paragraph.

Below that was the non-emergency number for the Bothell Police Department and below that the non-emergency number for the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department.

So I'm wondering....

Is the police information included because they're going to try to prosecute for breaking a lease (which isn't a criminal offense, it's a civil matter), or because the former residents were from a certain part of the world?