Late start to a Monday
Cold Update: Hour 43

Restroom craziness

A couple things I just noticed when I went to the restroom to wash some ink off my hands.

  1. Apparently the men who work in this lab are incapable of dispensing liquid soap from the sink-side tap without spraying gallons of water all over the counter. They obviously have never heard of putting the soap on one hand and turning on the water with the other, the better to avoid all the wetness.

  2. The hot water, which at its hottest used to be quite comfortable, is now routed straight from the fires of Hell to the faucets. I have a mild first-degree burn on my right hand because I didn't check the water temp before I started the rinse cycle.

  3. If you want a chuckle, watch germ-conscious persons as they attempt to make their exits from a public restroom. The machinations of not touching door handles, of not touching paper-towel waste, of avoiding other restroom users... all quite amusing.