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SETI@home on a Mac G4 dual 450MHz

I’ve been running SETI@home for a few years now on several different Macintosh computers under several Mac OS versions. My most recent configuration, for the last year or so, is a dual Mac G4 450MHz with 768MB RAM and OS X 10.2.x.

I’m wondering if the work-unit speed I’m seeing is pretty comparable to what other users with similar machine configurations get.

Over the year or so I’ve been running SETI@home under OS X on this machine, my average work-unit completion time has been about 12 hours.

I run SETI@home as a screen saver only, set to go to blank screen after one minute. This way it doesn’t interfere when I’m actually using the machine, but it runs without having to update the screen the majority of the time, thus saving on processor cycles (if my limited understanding of SETI@home’s operation is correct).

Anyone else who runs SETI@home with a remotely comparable system configuration, I’m interested in your work-unit times. Is my machine performing about where it should for the GUI SETI@home client under the conditions I describe?