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Strangeness in the Land of Blogs

TypePad allows users to see hits stats for their blogs. I admit I'm vain enough to check them now and again, to see if anyone actually reads this and to get a line on other blogs I may be interested in reading, and I've found some good ones as a result.

Yesterday and today I've logged close to 500 hits from Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and other search sites, all searching on the terms hurricane isabel photos (or minor variations of plurality, word order, etc.). These hits come at intervals of from one or two minutes to no more than 10 minutes, and they started yesterday at 13:00ish PDT.

The post I have dealing with Hurricane Isabel photographs is simply a link to another TypePad users's blog with a couple of photos of the storm's advance. I don't even say anything substantive about the hurricane.

I can't figure it out. Surely a week later there isn't really that much interest in photos of the hurricane?

For kicks I just searched at Google, Yahoo, and MSN on those terms. The link to this blog appears 6th on the list at Google, 5th at Yahoo, and outside the first 50 at MSN.

Amazing what a single link can do to move your site around the search engines.