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The end of phone tag?

Soon your phone will be able to keep track of what you're doing and decide for itself if you can take a call or not(!).

Putting Your Calls Into Context

Incessant calling and voicemails might become a thing of the past.

In Pittsburgh, a research team at Carnegie Mellon University's Institute of Technology, or CIT, has developed a new context-aware mobile-phone technology called the SenSay. The SenSay cellular phone, still in prototype stage, keeps tabs on e-mails sent, phone calls made and the user's location. The phone also adapts to the user's environment.

"SenSay is a huge productivity boost," said Dr. Asim Smailagic, a senior researcher at Carnegie Mellon's Institute for Complex Engineered Systems. "Because people can see when you are available, the time it takes to hand off or receive information is greatly reduced."

In addition to automatically manipulating ringer volume, vibration and phone alert, SenSay (PDF) can give callers the capability to communicate the urgency of their calls, Smailagic said.

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