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Oh also—

Yes, most smokers ARE inconsiderate bastards

I’ve received a couple of indignant emails about my chain-smoking laundry-challenged top-floor neighbor.

These persons are obviously smokers, ranting about how cigarettes are biodegradable and birds can use them for nesting material and anyway FUCK OFF! because smokers have to go outside and stand in the rain or the air pollution or the sun or overcast in many (most?) states to enjoy their cigarettes, blah blah blah. And oh, by the way, I am obviously a communist bent on destroying the U. S. of A.

I don’t know if cigarette butts are actually considered biodegradable, and I don’t care. I don’t care if birds can use them for nesting material, although I will say that unless a robin emails me a rant about my tree-hugging ways reducing the amount of nesting material available, I’ll never be worried about a shortage for them. What does worry me is the people who think that they can flick their still-burning cigarettes out the window on the highways, who think they can drop their cigarettes and grind them into the ground and walk away, because somehow these acts are permitted to smokers.

But you know these same people would mutter under their breath (or just yell outright) at a passerby who dropped a candy wrapper in the middle of the sidewalk and walked away, or who tossed a half-eaten Big Mac out the window on I-405.

What is the deal with this? Many times I’ve seen people do this, they were mere FEET from one of those sand-filled ashtrays—would it kill you to take a few steps and deposit your smoke in the container, for Christ’s sake? Is it impossible to use your car’s ashtray or, God forbid, NOT TO SMOKE in your car if you don’t have an ashtray? And what kind of idiot smoker doesn’t get a car with an ashtray included, for crying out loud?