Cold Update: Hour 49 and a bit
Oops, draft-post goof

You know it's a sad day

when your last three blog posts are cold updates that no one cares about, including you.

So, enough of those for a while.

I have to go Phoenix Wednesday night, to Salt Lake Friday night, and back here Sunday night. Three Southwest flights in five days. I don't particularly mind their boarding process so long as I'm in the first group to board, but anything else and it sucks utterly.

Kids upstairs have been quiet all night, which is a relief.

I think my dishwasher is about to give up the ghost. It took nearly 15 minutes to work up the gumption to run its standard-wash cycle tonight, and usually it's nearly to the "dry" part of the cycle in that time. They're doing a fire-code and smoke-alarm inspection Thursday and Friday, so I'll leave a note asking them to check the dishwasher sometime as well. Make it easy on 'em when I'm out of town.