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Radio advertising irritant

There’s an auto dealership somewhere in the Seattle metro area whose owner does his own radio ads. Actually, I’m sure he’s not the only auto dealer to do his own ads, but he is the only one whose ads have registered on my brain this hour.

This man has a particularly nasally/whiny voice, very grating. But he does two other things that drive me UP THE FREAKIN’ WALL.

  1. His answer to most questions posed by the Female Straightperson in the ad is: “Yes we can!”

    F. S.: “Did I hear right? [low interest rate and other incentives blah blah blah]?”
    DealerTwit: “Yes we can!”

  2. He says “and” when he speaks the cars’ model years: “Two thousand and six,” for example.

    For God’s sake, one doesn’t say “Nineteen ninety and three” or “Seventeen twenty and one”!