Christmas 2003
French flights resume after alert

A nice holiday

My sister and I got together this morning to exchange gifts and spend a couple hours on the phone with our mom in Salt Lake City, and then the two of us spent the remainder of the day at some friends' in Fox Island, eating a lot and drinking some too.

This friend of ours is a maniac in the kitchen. A damned fine cook, and she loves to do it. She prepared a turkey and prime rib, along with the usual side dishes. I think she managed to get every single cooking utensil dirty three or four times over.

Got home about 22:30 and now about to hit the sack since I have to work tomorrow. Should be a fairly quiet day at the lab, since most of our clients are closed. Probably only be sending out results to our clients whose projects are due tomorrow, since we don't consider the day after Christmas a non-business day.