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AirPort base station go boom

My dual-Ethernet base station just went belly-up for the better part of an hour. Out of the goddamned blue. It took me four tries through the usual series of reset-and-reload steps I follow before I got it to wake up again, which has never happened before.

But all seems well now, so it must've just been my time.

Speaking of wireless networks, there's another network name of Blitzz somewhere in this building. I get fairly good signal strength off it, and it's not protected, so I can connect to it whenever I want. But its name reminds me of the irritating team-naming scheme most sports organizations used in Utah, with a double-Z ending following the Utah Jazz. So the WNBA team was the Starzz, the baseball team was the Buzz, the hockey team was the Grizz (shortened from Grizzlies).

Most annoying. And off-topic, so off this goes....