You have to release the brake!
TIME Magazine's Year In Pictures

And the Kia shall go forth

So by the time I got outside a few minutes after that first post—had to finish my Rice Chex, yum—there was a flatbed tow truck parked behind the Kia, with the winch line already attached to pull the car up the ramp. Since I had to walk right past the area on the way to my car, of course I stopped to watch.

The truck driver turned to the woman and said, "You'll have to release the parking brake before I can pull the car onto the bed."

An expression of sudden understanding followed instantly by embarrassment flashed across the woman's face, and she turned away for a second or two. Then she said something I couldn't hear, and the driver smiled a bit knowingly, unhooked his winch line, and pulled his truck about 20 feet away.

She got in her car, fired it up, released the brake, and voilà: Movement!