Thanksgiving 2003
And damn, does dial-up blow

Back in the land of the living

Returned from Salt Lake City this morning on a flight that Delta had apparently triple-booked, based on the huge numbers of confused passengers with what they thought were conflicting seat assignments and whatnot.

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my family at my mom’s house. We did the turkey in a brine for 12 hours or so, came out juicy and very tender but roasted in record time of only 3 hours versus the 5 or 6 I thought it would take based on its weight. But the oven kept the turkey warm without drying it out, so we didn’t have to have Thanksgiving Late Lunch.

My mom’s having her house’s roof redone, and she hired my cousin’s husband (what would he be, my cousin-in-law?) to do the job, so we saw him Thanksgiving Day and also heard a lot of pounding and banging and sawing and staple-gunning and the like all weekend. Then there was the unrelated bird-slamming-into-the-living-room-window episode late yesterday, which got my mom’s three Siamese cats all excited for several minutes.

I’m in the process of unpacking, checking to make sure all my belongings made it through the TSA random inspection of my checked suitcase, and starting the several loads of laundry I’ll have to finish if I’m to have anything to wear to work the next few days.

Ah, back to the grind....