Cell-phone problems since 12:00 Sunday
Good ale experience

Cell phone fixed. And more gnats. And blinding sun...

I called AT&T Wireless Cingular customer service and was on hold only 7 of the estimated 17 minutes before I spoke to Jackie, a pleasant woman who issued some sort of Double Secret Super Reset command to get the SeaTac-area cell tower to release my phone’s registry and allow the towers in Bothell to pick it up. Of course I had to disassemble the phone down to its basic end-user components to achieve this, so while we chatted about the insanity of the holidays, I had my phone, the battery cover, the battery, and the SIM card lying on the table, at least 6 inches separating each piece from the others. I’m not one to mess with technology I don’t fully understand, and who knows if the SIM card’s karma might not have funked things up again if it had been within a couple inches of the phone during this entire process.

Anyway, as I mentioned previously, just after midnight I received the 14 text messages that had piled up since noon yesterday. Including the series of test messages I’d sent myself from AOL and my Verizon email, and the two test messages the Helpful AT&T Wireless Cingular Agent sent. Most of the messages were flight-status updates from Delta for Sonya’s flights into SLC and thence to GJT, along with messages from Sonya herself to tell me she’d made it to SLC all right and was enjoying a beer at Squatters’ airport location. She didn’t say so, but I imagine she may also have been viewing one of the several DVDs she took with her for her new PowerBook.

Ah, beer and movies in an airport brewpub in SLC. Life doesn’t get any better than that. Although when we flew through SLC on our way to Florida in March, and we arrived at Squatters at 09:00 and asked for beer, it was quite a bit of fun to watch passersby give us sidelong glances because of our audacity at consuming intoxicating beverages at all, to say nothing of so early in the day.

So anywho. This morning we’re seeing more flights of gnats around the lab. We’ve yet to figure out where the hell the little bastards are coming from. A lot of people in the administrative areas of the lab do keep plants at their desks, but damn, we’ve all these nasty chemicals and such about, you’d think the gnats would've just... I dunno, dissolved or something, a long time ago. But still they keep appearing.

And the sun just peeked high enough over the hills east of the lab that I’m now blinded by a beam of light. ’Tis a good thing I touch-type.