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Cell phone fixed. And more gnats. And blinding sun...

Cell-phone problems since 12:00 Sunday

My phone’s been quiet all day, which is odd because Sonya usually keeps us updated by text message of her progress during travels.

Turns out she’s been sending me messages most of the day but AT&T Wireless Cingular’s towers have this unsavoury habit of locking a phone into a single tower near SeaTac airport—the woman with whom I spoke at AT&T Wireless Cingular Customer Service World HQ just confirmed this for me—and then the phone flatly refuses to register itself to other towers after that.

So all day while I’ve been getting SYSTEM BUSY when I tried to place calls from my cell, and Message send failed! when I tried to send SMS, and busy signals when I tried to call my cell...

All because of a stubborn cell tower in Tukwila and/or south Seattle that won’t let go of cell registries properly.

In the last 30 seconds I’ve received the 14 SMS texts that have piled up throughout the day, oh joy.