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Japan, S. Korea ban U.S. beef

First U.S. case of mad cow disease in WA?’s  BREAKING NEWS  banner caught my eye, and the Seattle Times web site had a bit more info.

The Seattle Times: Local News: Mad cow disease suspected in Washington state
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UPDATE 15:13: main page now has more information.

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UPDATE 15:38: This is getting widespread coverage and what I’ve seen so far mentions only briefly, if at all, that this is a “presumptive positive” result. The final result isn’t known, pending testing of a sample sent to the U.K.

So if the U.K. test comes back negative, how much play will that get in the news?

And what’s up with this quotation from Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, in the Seattle Times article?

“This incident is not terrorist related. ... I cannot stress this point strongly enough.”

Did that thought actually cross anyone’s mind until the moment she said that? I know it hadn’t occurred to me until then.