Another quick move-out French author: 'Finding Nemo' plagiarism

Huh, it actually IS snowing

Puget Sound weather radar snapshot 12/30/03 22:36 PSTStarted about 20 minutes ago, stuck to the grass and cars right away and now sticking to pavement and sidewalks.

Maybe we really will get the 3" or so forecast by all the weather wonks and covered relentlessly by the afternoon news-radio talking heads.

It's funny watching the traffic passing by in the parking lot. At the first sign of the snowflakes, the drivers began slamming on their brakes at the slightest provocation—anti-lock brakes make an amusing chattering sound from outside the car—and now there's a trail of fishtailing cars passing my bedroom window.

If this sticks around until morning, the commute will not be pretty.