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Saturn of Lynnwood continues abominable service record

UPDATE 04/27/04: I'm no longer living in the Seattle area, so I haven't had any direct experience with Saturn of Lynnwood in several months now. I note this because I see my site is still appearing relatively high in many Google searches for terms such as saturn of lynnwood. My unsatisfactory experiences with their service department occurred between 2002 and late 2003, nothing more recently than that.

UPDATE 01/14/05: I'm back in the Seattle area but haven't been to any of the Saturn dealerships this time around. When I've had an appointment, I may make another update.

UPDATE 03/10/05: See details of my most recent Saturn of Lynnwood experience—a good one this time.

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I had to call Saturn of Lynnwood twice to find out about my car, and even then when I showed up at the dealership just after 11:30 to find out what the hell was up with the car, the "service consultant" still looked shocked by my appearance. Completely unprepared for me.

They have a hell of a lot of trouble calling their customers back with updates at that Saturn location. And since it seems all the Saturn dealerships in the Puget Sound area are part of this one group, I don't imagine service levels are any better at the other locations.

I have my car back, anyway. Problem with the leaky windshield seems to be a clogged drainage mechanism for the sunroof, and the part won't be in until midweek. So my service order is still open pending a call from the consultant when the part arrives, at which time I'll take the car back in to have the installation completed.

Presuming, that is, the guy actually remembers to call me.