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My take on the New Year's Eve/Day phenomenon, nicely summed up in an AIM chat snippet:

Don (16:33:04): and of course this holiday has always been a "woo, day off from work" holiday only... excuse to imbibe, blah blah blah
Buddy (16:33:39): uh ok ;)
Don (16:33:59): well really, does it mark any major milestone for you?
Buddy (16:34:08): nah, not really
Don (16:34:29): that's more what I mean, not a milestone or anything, but a ready-made "let's get drunk" reason
Buddy (16:34:36): lol
Don (16:34:37): (as if I needed that, but anyway)
Buddy (16:34:57): we may go get some champagne when he gets here
Don (16:35:05): "hey, it's Wednesday! let's get drunk!" "hmm, I'm 6'3"—let's drink a lot!" "wow, I wore shoes today! ::guzzle::" etc.
Buddy (16:35:14): lololol

I'm not actually this cynical. This has a great deal to do with the fact that I spent today on the road dealing with the silly drivers who had no clue how to handle the 2" or 3" of snow that accumulated overnight in the Puget Sound region. I got back to the lab with a stabbing headache centered directly behind my left eye, always such a pleasant way to celebrate a holiday....