Tech support folks should NOT sell services
Major snowfall in Salt Lake City Friday

Well, that took care of the vermin, all right

Note to infestees: One bug bomb is enough for a 600-square-foot house.

This reminds me of an incident that occurred years ago in an apartment house my parents used to manage. The house had been renovated into four apartments, which the largest on the main floor and extending through to the back of the house. The tenants in that apartment had abandoned their lease after not paying rent for some time, and when we went in to clean the place up, we found all manner of trash and dead things throughout the house, including the remains of probably 3 dozen mice and untold hordes of roaches and other insects.

No signs of bug bombs in that apartment. I think all the critters had died from the wads of trash and other crap piled everywhere.

For a while there, I didn't think we'd ever be clean again. That place was just a nightmare.

Link via Gina Smith