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Woo hoo, found me dark lenses

Yesterday I was on the road for a few hours making stops at various clients' offices (the lab's full-time courier is on vacation) and when I got back, I took off my coat and unclipped the dark lenses that fit over my glasses.

Promptly lost those lenses, of course. No big deal last night, since it gets dark at 16:00ish, but for today and onward I was pretty distressed. Looked everywhere: My desk, the lab's truck, my car, the ground around the vehicles, my apartment, etc. Those last four even though I clearly remembered having the lenses on when I was taking off my coat and talking to my boss.

So this morning as I walked around looking once more, one of our senior analysts happened to be in the project managers' work area and he looked up at the cubicle wall near the coat rack and spotted the lenses perched atop the wall, right where I'd left them (and have left them many times before) while I slipped my coat off.