SLC snow wreaks havoc on travel schedules
And the Kia shall go forth

You have to release the brake!

A Kia sedan is parked regularly in one of the spaces right outside my bedroom window. The woman who drives this Kia is having a great deal of difficulty getting it to move this morning. She started it and let it warm up while she scraped ice from the windows—but only enough ice from each window to allow her a roughly 10"-by-10" viewing space on each side of the vehicle—and then she climbed into the car to drive away.

Then I heard frantic revving and gear-shifting and more revving, and looked out the window to see her distraught countenance as she struggled with the vehicle. The obvious question on her lips: "Why won't this damned thing move?!"

She jumped out of the car, looked right at me as she did so, and went into one of the apartments for a few minutes, and now is back, going through the same thing all over again. I mimed releasing the brake while I mouthed, "You have to release the brake..." ...doesn't seem to be helping her, but another woman just appeared at her car. I'll ask if they need help on my way out the door shortly.