Wind-chill from hell
Light snow, art museums, and coffee-whoring

Amazing, a correct weather forecast

Chicago radar snapshot, 01/23/04 13:36 CSTFirst time in months that a weather forecast has proven pretty much true exactly as the weather wonks stated it. I'm amazed.

It's snowing lightly now, accumulating at about 1" per hour. They say we're to get up to 3" total accumulation and the snow should taper off between 15:00 and 16:00, which would be on track for the 3" total.

At least it's warmed up a tiny bit. 19° right now with wind-chill of 7°, much better than last night's 9°/-15° while we were walking to a nearby pizza place. Thank God I didn't have my earring in, I'd've frozen off my left earlobe...!