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Lab Men's Room Update

Back home in the (relative) warmth....

Got back to Seattle around 15:00 PST. Flight was delayed an hour by a bad drain in one of the lavatories of the originally scheduled plane. According to the gate agents at ORD, originally they were going to have us fly in that plane with one of the lavs shut down, but they thought it over and determined flying an overbooked plane short one lavatory probably was A Bad Idea.

So we waited for an inbound flight from Sacramento. It arrived shortly after 12:00 CST and the arriving passengers fairly ran off so we could dogpile on, and we were in the air shortly after 12:35.

It was Screaming Kid Airlines, of course. The row ahead of mine included a woman with a 2- or 3-month-old baby; across the aisle on my own row was a mother, her 2- or 3-month-old child, and her parents. The across-the-aisle kid was by far the more vocal of the two, emitting several ear-shattering screams at various points in the flight. Thank God both babies were relatively quiet during the descent, which in my experience is the time when kids have trouble with flying from the pressure changes.

Anywho. Flight was pretty calm, only mild turbulence a few times. I had my laptop out to watch a couple DVDs the entire time, so I have no idea what was playing on the in-flight entertainment. Otherwise, it was a typical flight, with a silly snack (chips, crackers, cookies) and two rounds of beverage service to keep us all occupied.

And that’s it for now. Must away to bed soon; this last load of laundry should be finished any moment now.