So here's a question
Distressing amount of politically biased information re: BSE/vCJD 'Crocodile Hunter' takes baby to feed crocs

BRISBANE, Australia (AP)—Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin took his month-old son to his first croc feeding on Friday, offering the reptile a chicken with one hand and holding the baby in the other.

With a capacity crowd looking on, Irwin dangled a dead chicken before the 13-foot crocodile named Murray, which snapped up the offering. Irwin's tiny son Bob looked on from his other arm.

"He's one-month-old, so it's about time Bob got out there and did his first croc demo," the Australian celebrity told the crowd at his Australian Zoo.

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So how is it that Michael Jackson dangles his kid over a balcony for a few seconds and the world recoils in horror, but Steve Irwin has his child a tooth's length from a 13-foot crocodile—at feeding time—and it's considered CUTE?