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The next time you have a wall to take down Discovered: A planet that heats its sun

ATLANTA (AP)—Stars usually heat up their family of planets, but in an amazing reversal, an astronomer has found a planet that is actually heating up its sun.

Canadian astronomers reported this week that their study of a large planet orbiting a star 90 light-years away shows that the magnetic field of the planet is producing hot spots on its parent sun, a reversal of the effect the sun has on planets such as the Earth.

The planet is one of 119 known extra-solar planets, objects that orbit stars other than the sun. The star, called HD179949, is very like the sun. The planet is a gas giant 270 times larger than the Earth, almost as big as Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. It circles very close to its parent star, completing one orbit every 3.09 days and moving at 350,000 miles per hour (563,000 kph).

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