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It wasn’t “security concerns” at all Dispute over marshals canceled flight
Same British Airways flight under scrutiny for four days

WASHINGTON (CNN)—A dispute between the British pilots’ union and the British government over armed marshals—not security concerns—led to the cancellation of Friday’s British Airways flight from London to Washington, a Bush administration official said Saturday.

Flight 223 has been the subject of intense scrutiny for four days.

Saturday’s flight was delayed 3.5 hours at the request of U.S. security officials who wanted more information about it, airline officials said. It landed without incident at 9:13 p.m.

Thursday’s flight was canceled because of security concerns, according to British and U.S. officials. On Wednesday, it was escorted to Washington’s Dulles International Airport by U.S. fighter jets.

Interesting development. The first time I read this story, I didn’t see that it was the British government in a dispute with the pilots’ union. I had only skimmed the story and immediately assumed it must have been the U.S. government in dispute over the marshals, because we’re so quick to point out the foibles of other goverments’ security efforts while we try to cover up our own missteps.