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Finally, the FAA updates its airport-info page

All day yesterday as I heard news about Portland International Airport (PDX) being closed due to ice, snow, and rain, I checked the FAA airport status page (opens in new window) and it showed absolutely nothing for PDX at all. No indication of closure, even of delays or any problems at all.

This morning it finally shows the airport is closed, not expected to open until tomorrow at 07:00.

Why did it take them so long to get the info updated to that site? I know the flight cancellations in PDX (Alaska and Horizon Airlines have huge operations there) were causing delays and other cancellations at least at Sea-Tac International and many other airports in the western U.S., but the FAA page had no indication of it all day yesterday, at least up to about 21:00 when I stopped checking. And by then Alaska Airlines had already decided to cancel the majority of its flights in/out of PDX for today.