Lepus horribilis
NYTimes: As Consumers Revolt, a Rush to Block Pop-Up Online Ads

Healthy choices at the deli. Then, step on over to the cookie aisle!

On my way to work this morning I was treated to a Safeway advertisement on 710 KIRO. They were touting Safeway's "Signature sandwiches" for their low-fat content—6 grams of fat or less, according to the spokesvoice—and playing up the Safeway deli as a healthy alternative to fast-food drive-throughs when one is traveling.

The remainder of the ad included whole fryers and then Oreo cookies, buy one get one free, "limit two free."

Very handy. After you've selected a low-fat sandwich to keep yourself healthy, you can snork down twice the usual number of Oreos at the same cost!