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Interesting how a blog's purpose changes

When I started this blog in September, I figured I'd talk about news a lot, some politics, the day-to-day mechanics of my life.

Shortly after I started it, I moved the news content to a now-idled blog, currents, and used it exclusively for snippets of news stories, editorials, any content that got my attention from news sources like CNN, Yahoo! News, BBC News, and the like. I kept the personal stories and ponderings and rants in this blog.

Around the turn of 2004 I idled currents and moved its content back to this blog, figuring that since I'd be making posts talking about my own political thoughts in spiel, I might as well have the news clips here too.

But I haven't talked much about politics, or even offered much beyond a snide comment or two on most of the news stories I've clipped, along with a few stories of my day-to-day existence.

I read some other blogs and think, damn, these folks have a distinct purpose in their writings, and they make salient points and inspire further debate among their readers, and here I'm complaining about the nasal voice of some auto dealer owner's radio commercials.