Amazing, a correct weather forecast
Saturn of Lynnwood feels slighted by my web site

Light snow, art museums, and coffee-whoring

It's snowing lightly, the kind of small flakes that blow sideways and upward in the slightest breezes. Nothing sticking, but I haven't seen a weather forecast to know how much is even expected.

I'm in downtown Chicago right now, just finished a long visit to the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. I visited the Museum when I was here during the week of September 11, 2001, but only spent an hour or so because I got there in the late afternoon and they closed early due to the security concerns of that crazy week.

I browsed around the majority of the galleries, spending most of my time around the more famous works but also lingering in the Arms & Armor gallery and in the Architecture gallery. A very relaxing way to spend a morning and early afternoon.

About to head back to the western suburbs, but first a stop at a WiFi-equipped coffee shop for my daily news-and-caffeine-fix. Gonna hang out here a while yet and catch a train in a while.