Rover touches down on Mars
"NYPD Blue" pilot on TiVo

Minor cold only, it seems

This cold is severe enough that it gives me mild sniffles and dehydrates me overnight, but otherwise not so bad. So far, anyway. Usually if I'm going to get a full-blown Cold From Hell, however, it develops into that within a few hours and lingers at high severity. When it takes a day or so to work itself up to anything like this one, it typically stays pretty calm.

Which suits me right down to the ground. I'm not a big fan of colds of any severity, of course, but especially not in winter during a cold snap. It's 19° right now, according to the thermometer on my computer screen (which is from a reading taken in Everett, so it may be even colder here since we're a bit inland). Sniffling and sneezing and coughing in the cold, blah.

Time to snooze now....