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More TiVo Suggestions insanity

On my “Now Playing on TiVo” list, under the “Suggestions” category, from a couple days ago:

  • A block of Spanish-language children’s programming from a channel I didn’t even know I received. I’m presuming I got these in part because I recorded Looney Toons on Cartoon Network last weekend.
  • An 8.5-hour block of paid programming on several channels (Bravo and USA mainly). Quickly gave those three Thumbs Down to get them the hell out.
  • A few episodes of some Food Network shows. I haven’t watched that network much, but I have tried Alton Brown’s turkey brine a couple times, and quite liked it. Maybe I actually will check those out.

I really wish I could rate actors’ names and show categories as well, because then I could tell the TiVo that while I like when it records action movies as Suggestions, I utterly despise Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal and never want to see anything of theirs unless I specifically set up a recording.