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I've posted a new photo at the upper right corner of my site, replacing the clouds-and-ocean image I'd been using since this blog's inception.

don_face_bwThe story behind the shell-shocked look on my face:

In March 2003, I went to Walt Disney World with my sister Katharine and her roommate and our good friend Sonya. Our flight left Seattle at 06:15 for a stop in Salt Lake City before continuing to Orlando. We planned to arrive at the airport by 05:00 to allow for parking and check-in and so on, which meant we'd have to leave our apartments by 04:30. Rather than sleep for maybe 3 or 4 hours, I decided I'd stay up all night and try to sleep on the planes. So as we waited at gate B5 in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, I'd been awake about 28 hours.

That's when Sonya snapped the photo.

I ended up not sleeping on the flights, and by the time I finally did go to bed in Florida, I'd been awake 41 hours. Crashed hard but woke up feeling great the next morning, and we had a spectacular time at the resort.