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Seattle Post-Intelligencer: The Mac lovers of Microsoft

I'm an avowed Mac user, and this article immediately grabbed my attention.

The Mac lovers of Microsoft
In the most surprising place: 'I Don't Do Windows'

By Todd Bishop, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter

People sometimes stare when Microsoft Corp. executive Tim McDonough opens his laptop in meetings. But that's probably to be expected when someone uses a Mac PowerBook in the center of the Windows world.

"I can get challenged to see my employee badge," he says.

McDonough works in Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, one of the closest things to neutral ground in a computer world divided into technological factions. The Mac BU, as it's known, makes Microsoft software for Apple computers, bridging the gulf between the companies' operating systems and linking their respective followers in the process.

It may be the only place at Microsoft where someone can be spotted wearing an "I Don't Do Windows" shirt. And nowhere else would a Microsoft employee, recounting a speech where he captivated a crowd, liken himself to Apple's Steve Jobs, rather than to Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Not to imply that the people of the Mac Business Unit are disloyal to their employer. Far from it. But as one observer put it, it's as if they were working for a division of General Motors making parts for Volkswagens.

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