They're dropping like poisoned roaches!
Power outage early today

Snow cuts workday in half

And I was fine with that, because it meant Sonya and I could got to McMenamins in Mill Creek and have a few pints along with lunch.

But it also meant I ended up spending about two hours on the phone with Cingular when my phone stopped responding, with the “Message sending failed!” and “System busy” errors I also had on 12/21/03. Their customer service dood kept trying to tell me the problem was the weather, and I told him the phone was working during the snowfall and had stopped working after the snow stopped, and it was now two hours later anyway, so what the hell?

Eventually we got it all reset, but not before my cordless phone had started chirping endlessly in my ear—its low-battery warning—and every time the Cingular guy would ask me what that beeping noise was.