NYTimes: In Iraq's Murky Battle, Snipers Offer U.S. a Precision Weapon
CNN.com: 'Crocodile Hunter' takes baby to feed crocs

So here's a question

What the HELL am I doing up at this hour?

I felt tired right about midnight, crawled into bed and lay there wide awake for 45 minutes before I decided the hell with it, got up again. Been puttering around, doing such mundane things as fiddling with the style sheets and index templates for this blog and then writing my rent check for January 2004 (nearly wrote 2003 on the check, argh), watching the occasional snowflake settle out of the sky—almost no snow volume, however, even though the radar images from wunderground.com show what appears to be a fairly constant precip rate for the entire area.

So now I have iTunes cranking out an electronica beat from the Philosomatika feed, and amazingly it seems to be inducing a desire to sleep. Off I go then, while the feeling of tiredness is actually there.