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SpamSieve works pretty well

Trying out SpamSieve in conjunction with Entourage, and it works pretty well so far. Only trained it with a few hundred known-good messages along with 25 known-spam messages, but it already caught two more messages on the next POP retrieve operation. Pretty handy.

Seems its trial license allows for full functionality for 30 days or 20 launches, whichever occurs first. So I'll leave it running on my iBook for the time being, and set LiteSwitch to ignore it in the app-switch rotation.

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Huh, on a message retrieval it just popped up a "tip window" informing me that the best mix of spam-to-good is 65% spam/35% good, so I'll have to find more spam to make sure the filters work most effectively. But unless it starts marking a lot of good mail as spam, I'm fine with the mix I have now.