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Today’s TiVo Suggestions

I have my TiVo set to record suggestions, the shows its electronic mind somehow divines I would like based I guess in part on shows I’ve recorded and on ratings I’ve assigned other programs. Although I haven’t actually used the ratings system much yet, which probably explains today’s crop of suggested shows:

  • Roseanne, which I despise and instantly ripped out of the “Now Playing” menu.
  • Speed Racer, about which I am utterly indifferent but will have to rate “thumbs down” because I don’t care to have it cluttering up the menus.
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show, again, even though I thought I’d told it not to record this show anymore. It’s okay, I suppose, but the idea of recording talk shows&nbps;.&nbps;.&nbps;. yeah, whatever.
  • Full House, a show so schmaltzy that sugar sprays out the stereo speakers whenever it’s on. Never liked that one, must right away remove all possibility of its ever being suggested/recorded again.