Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2003 photos of the year
These PowerBooks rule!

You know it’s gonna be a long week when...

  1. You have trouble getting to sleep.
  2. When you finally drift off at 03:30, you still wake up at 06:50, even though you’ve changed your alarm to go off at 08:00.
  3. Your boss, the lab director, arrives and his first words to anyone are, “Is it Friday yet?”

Sonya and I went to the symphony Friday night, spent a couple hours before and after at Rock Bottom on 5th Ave, sippin’ our Mug Club brews. Apparently the fact that I drank only beer from 18:15 until midnight Friday set me up for one of the worst low-grade hangovers I’ve ever had. I woke up Saturday at 07:30 with a mild headache, so I got up and snorked some water and ibuprofen tablets and went back to bed. But then I woke up an hour later with a world-class industrial-strength full-bore double-barrel pounder of a headache. Thank God it wasn’t one of those evil concentrated-behind-one-eye headaches I sometimes get with a hangover, but it left me run down the rest of the weekend, blah.

So I spent Saturday curled up on my couch going through the week’s TiVo recordings, followed by a romp through the Netflix DVDs I received in mid-December (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Truly, Madly, Deeply; still haven't watched Unfaithful yet). I took a two-hour nap Saturday afternoon and all it did was make me feel more wretched. Went to bed around midnight and when I woke up yesterday morning, the damned headache was still there! It faded slowly and by around noon, I was feeling much better, so I went to the store for groceries and some sundries and then I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s (they have their 20th-anniversary special, a free pizza when you order a large “specialty” pizza), and did laundry and whatnot in the afternoon and evening.

And what sucks the most is I didn’t even feel mildly buzzed on Friday night when I went to bed. We shared a pitcher and each had a Mug Club pint of Faller Wheat before the show, and each had two Mug Club pints after, consumed slowly and with food. All the bad effects of a hangover with none of the fun/insanity from the drunkenness, of all the horrors.

Since I just got to work (even though I woke up on time, I just lounged around until 08:00 and then took my time getting ready and getting here), I don’t know yet what’s on my agenda for the day, so I guess I’d better get to it.