CNN.com: Oil 'burped up' in woman's home

LONGVIEW, Texas (AP)—A Texas woman has struck oil—or maybe it struck her.

Oil around toiletLeila LeTourneau returned from work late Monday to find crude oil covering her home's floors and spilling from the toilets, bathtub and sinks.

Experts have told her the oil kind of "burped up."

Longview city crews and representatives from Basa Research, which owns some wells in the area, are trying to help find the source of the oil.

Local station KLTV reported one theory is that the house may have been built on an abandoned well that wasn't properly plugged.

"I always tease people about 'doesn't everybody in Texas have an oil derrick in the back yard?' Then when I came home I discovered I struck oil inside the house," LeTourneau said.

She and her son are now staying at a hotel.

I wonder what the best toilet cleaner is for crude?

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