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Don’s All-in-One “Janet Jackson’s Right Breast” Post

First, from this morning:

FCC to investigate Super Bowl breast-baring

NEW YORK (CNN)—The head of the Federal Communications Commission on Monday called the baring of Janet Jackson’s breast during the Super Bowl halftime show “deplorable” and said his agency will investigate.

Janet Jackson’s breast is exposed during the halftime show in Super Bowl XXXVIII. Apologies fly the next day, but no one’s yet answered the question of why she was wearing a pasty if the stunt was unplanned“Like millions of Americans, my family and I gathered around the television for a celebration,” FCC Chairman Michael Powell said in a statement. “Instead, that celebration was tainted by a classless, crass and deplorable stunt. Our nation’s children, parents and citizens deserve better.

“I have instructed the commission to open an immediate investigation into last night’s broadcast. Our investigation will be thorough and swift.” article link

Thank God the FCC is rushing to the sound of their own guns on this. It’s nice to know at least one government entity can undertake a “thorough and swift” investigation on a topic that’s obviously of earth-shaking import, when other lame topics like weapons of mass destruction linger on the back burner for other government agencies.

Also good to know that “our nation’s children, parents and citizens” are three separate and distinct entities, each entitled individually and collectively to protection from viewing the naked human body.

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And just now, from CNET Jackson’s Super Bowl flash grabs TiVo users