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Icy Hot = wonderful. And Don nearly kills his OTHER ankle...

Icy HotMy friend Sonya rubbed down my ankle with Icy Hot last night. Quite pleasant at the time, and overnight it seems to have taken care of the swelling and throbbing pain I was still experiencing with my left ankle. When I climbed out of bed this morning I was pleased to discover I didn't have to stumble to my knees in pain when I put my left foot to the floor.

I celebrated by getting caught in the shower curtain briefly as I stepped into the shower and nearly snapping my right ankle into small pieces. In the fleeting "Oh shit!" moment immediately following the tangling, my irrational reaction was to save myself not to prevent bodily harm, but to spare the $10 shower curtain I bought at Fred Meyer two years ago. So I flailed and caught myself and even though the curtain popped off its rings in several places, it came through untorn—the breakaway curtain rings performed flawlessly. I ended up with the curtain wrapped about my right leg and my right ankle in a similarly bent-at-wrong-angle-crunch-sounds-from-hell position to my left-ankle experience of Monday night, but no pain this time. Didn't even feel like a twist, and my right ankle is known for crunchy noises more often anyway.

Note to self: Sacrifice the damned curtain next time!