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Remember, heavy snow usually occurs in mesoscale bands.In a 14 Dec 03 post, I quoted a New York Times article titled "PowerPoint Makes You Dumb," which discussed Edward Tufte's posit that the dearth of information that can be clearly conveyed in a typical PowerPoint slide forces us to dumb down concepts to make them presentable.

Today as I tripped about among links from a Google search on 'ice pellet showers'—I've been trying for weeks to find a good definition of this term, now in use by nearly all meteorologists who used to use the term "hail" to refer to small bits of ice falling out de sky—I found what may be evidence that PowerPoint does in fact require dumbing down a topic.

Judge for yourself.

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As an unrelated aside, the Google site logo is pretty cool-looking today, and a click on the logo shows some nifty imagery.